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The watch is the ultimate accessory. At Lige Paris ® the choice is immense, but it is on the "Pilot" that we focus on today. A model with an elegant design and aviator style, but above all an “automatic” watch.

Stand out in style with the Lige “Pilot” watch. The mechanical watch is a jewel of technology. In addition to telling you the time, it has 3 dials. You will find there the lunar cycle as well as the date by a mechanical movement. On the design side there is nothing to complain about. As always at Lige, elegance is brought to its climax. The gold-coloured watch comes with a very elegant and above all very resistant leather strap. The whole forms an aviator type jewel but which will go everywhere and is water resistant. But the appearance is not the only advantage of this watch since in its entrails, the “Pilot” is a technological jewel.

automatic watch

In addition to making you stand out, this watch is an engineer allowing it to work with the movements of your wrist alone. Considered the most noble, automatic self-winding watches do not run on batteries but "only" with an assembly of wheels and springs. A complex and meticulously developed mechanism that allows the “Pilot” to turn the hands to the exact rhythm of passing time. And this watch will spend time on your wrist. So don't wait any longer and find the Pilot watch from Lige here.

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