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  • LIGE Watches: About

    Whether for an event, an evening with friends or to complete your everyday casual outfit, our selection of Lige watch is here to meet all your expectations.

    The Lige Watch, a designer and elegant accessory

    Very fashionable for some time, the Lige watch has become the essential par excellence and a true symbol of luxury. These different models of watches are made from very resistant materials, such as stainless steel. and leather, which guarantees a quality watch and also water resistant thanks to their waterproof dial made of quartz.

    The Lige brand stands out from other styles of watches with various models (silver, gold, silicone), neutral or colored (black, brown, blue, pink) and components of unparalleled quality.

    The watches are equipped with a analog needle movement where chronograph with a stopwatch and go from the casual style to the sports model which represents the very definition of trendy watches and up to date.

    Design and modern, the Lige watch will add a very elegant touch to your wrist and will not leave your surroundings unnoticed.

    So many possibilities and models with the Lige Brand

    Know gentlemen that we can wear our Lige watch by adopting a more or less chic style and especially according to your desires! THE luxury and elegance are within everyone's reach with an infinity of models, shapes and colors.

    It is nothing! A pretty liege watch with a leather bracelet or one stainless steel strap can dress you like the most charming of gentlemen, accompanied by a knit sweater or a pretty denim jacket. There are also simple lighter watch models with a Milanese mesh very thin and a standard dial!

    So many models are available to you: with a leather strap, a stainless steel strap, a Milanese mesh, a range of automatic watches with Roman numerals or with a Japanese quartz movement indicating today's date.

    The Watches adapt to each of your styles and personalities

    Our range of liege watches for men and women is certainly the most varied that can be found on the net because all types of watches are available to delight your style with class and sobriety. Regularly updated with new watch models, you can be sure to find the liege watch perfect that will make you a happy person.

    We also recommend the greatest favorite of all our followers of designer watches : the Silver watch! She envies a lot of people every day with her stainless steel bracelet as well as its black background, and this since the beginning of its launch by our designers.

    The Montre Lige boutique also presents a women's collection

    Women are not forgotten on our shop liege watch , a collection of very luxurious And elegant is specially dedicated for you ladies. All our different creations adapt in the most beautiful way to the feminine style To our greatest delight.

    Do not hesitate to adopt a liege watch who looks like you to enchant your senses and illuminate your daily life as a femme fatale! All you have to do is check the availability of the watch of your dreams, and off you go!

    Once again, we invite you to visit our collection of men's liege watch or of women's liege watch to discover all of our more famous models safely and find the liege watch that best suits your personality.